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About Jackie J Fashion Inspiration...

Jackie J Fashion Inspiration began in March 2018. Our acquisition of CPAK & CO Inc. helped give the company a new lease on life. It provided us access to the expertise it had developed over its 15-year history in the wholesale fashion jewelry, hair and accessory market.

Who is the person behind Jackie J - Fashion Inspiration inc.?

Jacinthe Larivière, owner and president of Jackie J Fashion Inspiration. She has built an appreciable career in North America. Working in various departments of high-calibre Canadian and U.S. companies, primarily as a manager in sales and the marketing function (both B2B and B2C), as well as in operations and customer service.

Since the acquisition, Jacinthe – who is passionate about business – has devoted all her energy to strengthening her company’s foundations, while developing it to its fullest potential. Her ultimate goal: to be a part of her current and future clients’ success. This will be achieved by unearthing jewelry, hair and accessories that meet the needs of every customer they serve and to every one of their customers.

Why Jackie instead of JACINTHE? It’s easier to pronounce in every language 🙂


Backed by a strong team, Jackie J makes clients THE priority.

Our goal is to ensure that dealing with us is an easy, enjoyable experience and, above all, to generate great sales for our clients.

Any questions?

Want to know more about how we can work with you in growing your business? I invite you to take a look at “What We Can Do For You”

If you still have any questions or comments, you can reach Jackie directly on her cell at 514 947-8009 or the showroom at 1-866-862-3069.


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